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hari ni I keluar awal sikit dan I balik lewat sikit juga tau,” kata Shana sebaik saja melihat Madam Anne menapak mendekatinya.

Seperti hari kebiasaannya, tepat pukul 10.30 pagi, Madam Anne akan muncul di Kedai Buku Kasih yang dijaganya sejak sebulan yang lalu.

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Yang dia tahu, Madam Anne ada beberapa butik dan kedai bunga. Katanya, sekarang ini mana ada orang memakai mafela di leher.

hello everyone..it's a new week again n will be the last week of Sya'ban (month in Islamic calendar).

Whoa.flies so fast..it's gonna be my first Ramadhan and Syawal (Aidilfitri) with zaid. of course..haha,but that is not the thing to be discussed today. (simpan2 dulu..hihi)last weekend,zaid brought me to Iran restaurant n i've been introduced the Iranian food.i ordered lamb while he picked chicken for the meal.i really enjoy the dinner,maybe because of the excellent services by the owner (he was keep asking me how's the meal,any food to be added,or do i want to change the tv channel.takut kitorg xphm video clip Iran agaknye..haha).i think he tries to have a good rapport with the certain people they might not favor to these kind of food (coz food may contain minyak sapi),but it is one my favorites since i used to eat it when i was in UIA.

(nak raya la katakan..hii)We were successfully dinner at Wok Mania in Birm after crazily drooling our eyes finding for this restaurant.

Dah namanya buffet,apalagi..i ate a lot of seafood and mussels,plus lamb and deserts.

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