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The oldest of four children, the tragic loss of his father, matured him even faster than the clubs and honky-tonks he was performing in at 12 years old.

He speaks openly today of years spent battling substance abuse and addictions.

With projects that extend from granting wishes through Make A Wish Foundation to establishing camps for crippled children, the foundation exists to fulfill Sammy’s simple goal of improving the lives of children.

In the course of breaking into the ranks of stardom in country music, Sammy Kershaw has made contributions to more than just the charts.

Sammy Kershaw is, in fact, a softie when the subject turns to kids.

If proof were needed it stands in his hometown of Kaplan, Louisiana.

His platinum albums were propelled into the records books by hits such as She Don't Know She’s Beautiful, I Can’t Reach Her Anymore, National Working Woman’s Holiday, Love Of My Life, Cadillac Style, Don’t Go Near The Water, Haunted Heart, and many other milestones.

Helping others is a subject close to the heart that beats within what might often appear to be a tough, macho exterior.“Country music is not a formula it’s a music with its own soul and I’m all about saving that soul!” Kershaw’s current album "Honky Tonk Boots" promises to be a much-anticipated first step in that plan of salvation. First one is a country song called "Love of My Life" by Sammy Kershaw and the second is "You Are the Love of My Life" by George Benson. Since his debut on the music scene in the early 90s, Kershaw has remained one of the most consistent power hitters in country music both with a chain of major hit records and sell-out touring schedules.

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