Who is julia ormond dating

However, looking at photos of him with any of his past girlfriends, we can kind of see what the general public is talking about!He definitely tweaks his overall look a bit based on the woman he's with.Still, what a crazy story Applegate can bust out from time to time.Brad Pitt is often seen as a charming and somewhat wholesome actor.Whether Pitt confirms another relationship soon or remains a bachelor for years to come, we can't wait to get even more details on his love life. Here are his most notable exes (and a few lucky ladies who flew under the radar). She got her start in the industry when she was just a teenager and has moved between acting and being a total rock star over the years.We would not in a million years have imagined her as one of Brad Pitt's exes, though. However, Lewis acknowledges that it was kind of just teenage love.

In a lot of his relationships, Brad Pitt has been the more famous one.

And, as Pitt has been in the industry for decades now, he has quite a few relationships under his belt—although there are many that even fans don't know about.

Sure, most people know about his marriages and his more recent relationships.

Brad apparently begged his agent to call Sinitta's agent and try to make something happen, and the agent must have set up a date because they ended up becoming a couple.

Sinitta has nothing but good things to say about her ex, telling There are so, so many celebrities we never would have put together, and Brad Pitt and Thandie Newton are two of them. Pitt clearly doesn't need to worry about where he'll meet his next partner—it always seems to be on set!

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