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Long story short Amy is exactly 5ft1 without shoes... lol that's the whole reason i came and looked up her height...i was like hmmm she's gotta be shorter than i thought said on 20/Mar/08hey, guys..i am 5'5'', excactly iam 164 cm.

but i say I am LIKE 5'5'' because otherwise i always would have to say iam 5'4.75'' and thats a little too long to speak, isnt it?

In 2009, Katie released her second cookbook, The Comfort Table: Recipes for Everyday Occasions.

In June 2011, Lee released her first novel titled Groundswell.

Givens looks taller than Amy, but look at their footwear: Click Here Robin has a big heels advantage over Amy, so I do not see Amy below 5'3.75". Please, Rob, look at her pictures next to Robin Givens (in these pictures Robin looks taller, but he has a really big heels advantage over Amy): Click Here Click Here Rob, full 5'4" or at least 5'3.75" is possible for her? As for Shaun Morgan, he looked about 9 - 10 cm (around 4 inches) shorter than Conan on his show (Conan is around 192 - 193 cm) which would put him around 6 ft even.

said on 1/Jun/17Ok this is irritating to me bcuz I know she is 5ft1 flat footed... Thing is though Shaun was wearing flat converse shoes and Conan had a thicker style of dress shoe which gave him at least a 2 cm footware advantage. said on 2/Jul/08I believe her height is 5 ft 3.5 I was in her concert and when it ended we tried to take autographs and when she started to give us I saw that I was taller than her!!!

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Currently, there are no desperate rumors regarding her personal and professional life.

Makeup girl beth and she were comparing height to shawn and metal at a show years ago... says on 28/Sep/11 I would add 1 cm to Amy seeing a picture from the grammys comparing her to Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown. So Shaun is somewhere around 6 ft 1 give or take a bit (probably somewhere in the 184 - 186 cm range) as opposed to his listed 6'2". (I am 171 cm and 14 years old) said on 17/Jun/08yea 5'3 ish sounds good for her.

Whoever guessed thier height wrong had to buy dinner... At least according to like, every converter out there 5ft 3.5 is equal to roughly 161.3 cm. said on 6/Apr/09I saw Amy in person and was shocked that she was so short! I was watching the video with seether, broken and i noticed that her pants were long and kinda dragged; and it looked like she was not wearing shoes that gave alot of height, and average height for pants is around 5'5, so she's petite which is 5'4 under for pants.

Rob, since you admitted that her range is from 5'3.5" to 5'4" just give Amy a rating between these two figures (5'3.75"). Please look at Amy alongside Sarah Mc Lachlan: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here However, it is worth paying attention to their footwear, Sarah was wearing high heels: Click Here Click Here Click Here While Amy was wearing ordinary shoes: Click Here Click Here Click Here Considering Sarah's big heels and Amy's regular shoes, I can't see more than three inches between them.

Now look at Amy next to Pink: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here In this case, it is also worth paying attention to the footwear, here are Amy heels: Click Here And here Pink heels that looked much larger than Amy's heels: Click Here Click Here Click Here Given that Pink had a lot more heels than Amy, half inch the difference between them is a bit too little...

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