Where to go for help with dating violence

After her visit at an adolescent medical clinic in Los Angeles in January, 19-year-old Serena was afraid to go home.

One minute it can seem like the person you’re dating is perfect, and the next minute, it can seem like your relationship is falling apart.This can look like when a romantic partner criticizes or punishes you for your cultural traditions or beliefs, tells you that you’re “too Indian” or “not Native enough,” or makes jokes about your blood quantum or tribe.Some abusive relationships can include sexual abuse.Reaching out for help If any of these abusive red flags stand out to you, know that you are not alone.Millions of young adults are exploring relationships and dating just like you. When you are in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, you may find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, fearful, guilty or ashamed. You deserve a healthy relationship, where you feel safe and loved.

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