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When asked specifically about the brand’s status in the Asia Pacific market, which has seen a boom in luxury consumption in recent years and boasts considerable buying power in the Lower Mainland, Emanuel says it’s a region in which he sees definite growth potential.

“But there is an underlying current, which is: design, design, design.“Design in strength. Design in bravado.”The company utilizes a team of 25 “master jewellers” in New York City to craft its creations, each one “assembled and filtered” through the lens of the original designer, who died in 1975.“Everything we do derives from the archives,” he explains.Women were seeking equality with the men, in the workplace and in bed,” he says.“The artist in David Webb, his antennas were directly tuned to that type of bold and expressive woman who was looking for that type of jewel to fulfill a zeitgeist.But, like most fine-jewelry creations, the most important elements of each piece are the stones.“The perfect David Webb jewel, is a jewel that stands out,” he says.

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