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The last episode was the hardest one for me to watch by far.Just because seeing myself become emotional was hard.

But Shayne's young and I just find myself very different from her and I had a few times just kind of thought about how is that he could love the two of us when we're so different. He reassured me a couple of times and actually told me, "You guys are a lot alike, you just don't know." Reality TV World: Were you surprised by the way he defended Shayne? Reality TV World: Do you now regret making those comments? For a while I just wanted to get over things and kind of move on with life.Reality TV World: So based on that answer, I'm assuming if Matt had proposed to you, you would you have accepted? Reality TV World: Matt told you "I can't give you everything that you need" and added it had "taken us a long time" before feelings started to develop as his reasoning for picking Shayne. Chelsea: I was essentially thinking he was giving me some bad things.I really was waiting for him to say, "But..." I was standing there just waiting for the, "But.." Then when I realized he was picking Shayne, I was thinking, "What is it he can't give me that I said that he needed?There was almost no doubt in my mind that I was going to end up with him. Reality TV World: What was that confidence based on?Chelsea: Based on how my time went with his parents, I really felt that I just meshed with them and it felt comfortable and everything went great with them.

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