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Any information gleaned from this forum MUST be backed up by consulting your state-registered health professional or AME.Due to advertising legislation in various jurisdictions, endorsements of individual practitioners is not permitted.A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware.

Pour comprendre l’importance accordée par les participants à l’inscription dans un ici et maintenant, nous nous appuyons sur l’ethnographie approfondie des interactions médiatisées.

A forum for the people who are engaged in operational control/flight dispatch/crewing and their colleagues airside in ramp dispatch, load control and ground handling, to discuss issues directly related to keeping their aircrew and aircraft operational.

News and debate about medical and health issues as they relate to aircrews and aviation.

Dans un deuxième temps, nous montrons que les interactions médiatisées par ordinateur s’inscrivent aussi dans un espace social que l’on peut caractériser anthropologiquement, ce qui a des effets non négligeables sur les échanges ; inversement, les chatteurs s’appuient pour interagir sur un certain nombre de présuppositions liées à leurs pratiques de Identities and Community of Practices of the Malagasy Users of Mediated Interactions in the Cybercafés of Antananarivo (Madagascar)Based on an anthropological study of computer mediated interactions in the cybercafés of Antananarivo, this article challenges the idea that the practices of CMO necessarily lead to the creation of new social identities.

Instead we argue that identities are blended with identities anchored in a certain environment located geographically and socially.

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