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In this post, you’ll learn – How to Validate Forms with PHP and it will be a server side form validation.

We will create a user registration form at first, and then we will validate fields of that form such as name, email, phone number, birth date, bio etc.

For example, if a required field is left blank, you want to display that the field is required.

It is not necessary to show errors regarding format or data type at this stage.

Bad data can harm a server, steal information or even can delete a whole database.

Some forms will display all the validation errors at the top of form.While it is common in web 2.0 applications to use client side code such as Javascript to validate form fields, this should not be relied on for a number of reasons.Some users disable Javascript so you want to provide a working interface for these users.Here’s a snippet of the code to display an error: If you do need to display multiple errors, you can make a multidimensional array.Then simply iterate over the array for each form field into an unordered list.

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