Updating records in the database with asp net roman dating app cheat codes

As you can see from listing 5-48, I created a filled Data Set and created a new Data Row using the Data Table. After creating a Data Row, I set its column values and called the Data Adapter's Update method and displayed data in the Data Grid.

This is done using the Entry method, which exposes the State Property and changing its state as Modified.You can look at our tutorial how to Add entities in Entity Framework.Updating the entity involves getting the entity from the database, make the necessary changes and then call the Save Changes to persist the changes in the database.One is Connected and the other one is the Disconnected scenario. Let us modify the Descr field of Accounts Department in Connected Scenario. Then, we retrieve the existing department data from the database.Then, Modify the Descr field and then call the Save Changes to update the changes to the database. In Connected Scenario, the context detects the changes made to the department entity. When Save Charges is called Context automatically creates an update query and persists the changes to the database In the above example, the context in which department is fetched is destroyed.

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