Updating quickbooks company file

In some cases, although very rare in my experience, the Quick Books File Doctor might be able to resolve your problem.

If the file opens, then we know that the problem stems from an irregularity in the file name, Windows recognition of the file name, Quick Books recognition of the file name, or Sybase protocols.

To do this, hold down the Alternate (Alt) key when you click Open.

Be certain to keep the Alt key held down until the file completely opens, or an error message is displayed, regardless of the length of time it takes for Quick Books to fully load the file.

Other common factors include problems with reports or transaction templates that were left open within the file the last time it was closed (especially if you have the preference selected to ‘save desktop upon exit’.

Other reasons include using the wrong version of Quick Books, or issues with the location of the file such as access permissions, problems with the file name and file extension, or a conflicting *file are additional reasons why you might not be able to open the file.

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