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Yes, works with any spell/staff, AND FOR CREATURES, from other mods as well.

- Frost may actually freeze the victim to an icy statue, which shatters like glass on strike * Neck Stab.

It´s pointless to list them, if you had any problems, it was VERY VERY likely being taken care of.

A few tweaks, that may not have been considered problems, and ones I can actually remember right now: -Decapitation or cutting in half take place more reliably, as the requirement for aiming towards the NPC while power attacking is now less strict -BULLET TIME COMPATIBILITY enhanced - punching or decapitating no longer take you out of your original bullet time after the move -enemies with no weapon or fists out dodge with a jump animation now (they could not play the dodge animation with no weapon or fists out) -enemies with no weapon or fists out always react to bashing or punching by falling down, unless they dodge (they cannot play stagger animation) -casting a spell on self does not trigger enemies to dodge SPECIAL UPDATING INSTRUCTIONS!!!

I know how you feel, I ALWAYS play from the 1st person as well.

But on a horse, I found it actually more convenient to able to look around etc - and in the end, there is no other option at the moment.

When the game starts, you are asked to select a horse combat key. Instead you need to press that key once with your selected blade or blunt weapon in your hand, to be able to mount your horse with that weapon in your hand.

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The default is 3 days, but many mods change this, so it may just as well 12 for you (always wait an extra day, just in case) - after that, save the game, quit and activate the new Combat Moves from this package.************************* *NEW AND SPECIAL IN v4.0* (a short info package of new content and special actions the old users must take - the actual readme starts after that) ************************* New Features: ------------- * Elemental Effects.A new critical hit system for Frost, Shock and Fire Damage.:) Deadly Reflex also features a critical hit system, that grants you a balanced chance to mutilate your enemies, crush their skulls, stab them to the neck or cause a fatal arrow wound, fry or freeze them with spells, even explode them to pieces and fight from a horse back.See the whole readme to know how to use all the features. HORSE COMBAT *************** This is a special section that includes everything about horse combat.

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