Updating notebook motherboard compaq 1000

The 12 had very different screen housing to the 1200 and the 1200XL which came with the 13 inch screen.

The 1200 also had a silver housing whereas all other models came in black.

This could have been due to noise limitations, as the series is noted for its low noise output.

Screens were available as 12.1 / 13.0 inch LCDs yet screen housing varied from model to model.

These systems were preinstalled with Windows 98, Windows Me or Windows 2000 Professional.

The 1200-XL300 (designated with model number "12XL325") is one of the newer models in the 1200 series.Although similar in hardware to the XL405A, the XL502A (model number "12XL502A") is an upgraded model, based on its brother.Most notorious is the inclusion of a Mini PCI slot on the bottom, the presence of a slightly faster processor, and the color of the case (silver lid was maintained, the rest of the case is all-black).A number of Presario 1200 series notebooks exist with Celeron or Pentium III processors as well, primarily found in the later designs.These later models are often noted for having a silver display lid instead of the original black lid.

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