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You will not lose the authorisation of the new maps even if they are not installed right away.

Maps that are deleted from the device can be reinstalled anytime in the future.

Navman calls it "Landmark Guidance Plus", and it works by using actual descriptions of the world around you rather than a simple "turn left in 800m" or "turn left into Turner Street".

Once complete, click "Finish" to install the updates onto the F20 unit.It does work, although you can only update by hooking up to a PC or Mac, which means pulling it out of the car when you want to update your maps.We do wonder how many people would need that level of update, although it's clearly not a bad thing to have.One of the big new features that Navman offers with the MY450LMT is lifetime map updates, which pretty much everyone offers on GPS devices these days.The hook here is that the MY450LMT can get "Rapid Map Refresh", which is Navman's way of saying that instead of quarterly updates, you can update it with monthly map updates.

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