Updating library catalog

For example, even a single-byte change to correct a misspelling invalidates the digital signature.If the digital signature is invalid, you must either resubmit the driver package to the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) for a new signature or generate a new Authenticode signature for the driver package.Libraries submitted data extracts for the discoverable catalog back in the Fall of 2015.Once the overall development of find IT CT is completed, more frequent data extracts will take place.Some of the current screen displays and functionality are necessary as they will integrate with the live ILL version of the software.find IT CT is being developed in phases and this is only the beginning.Plug and Play (Pn P) device installation recognizes the signed catalog file of a driver package as the digital signature for the driver package, where each thumbprint in the catalog file corresponds to a file that is installed by the driver package.

updating library catalog-11

Each thumbprint corresponds to a file that is included in the collection.

The easiest way for our development partners to accomplish this is by adding holdings by ILS vendor.

The schedule below lists the dates when we will put out a call for your library’s holdings based on your library’s ILS vendor.

The catalog available now serves as a snapshot from Fall of 2015 of the holdings of 4 of the library consortia in Connecticut. We have tried to keep the initial functionality of find IT CT straightforward.

Additional functionality will be available in the future as the project develops.

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