Updating iphone contacts

Here, we are going to disclose some cases and the troubleshooting tips to resolve ‘Exchange contact groups not syncing to Android’ issue.

Well, there may several situations in which users get this issue and some most common cases are mentioned below: After updating the Android device version to Lollipop, users become unable to synchronize the contacts with Exchange Server.

Merging the data will combine the data from each--a process that can create duplicate contacts. Choose the appropriate action for your situation: Tip: If you have never created a contact on your computer, choose to replace data on computer.

Tip: If you have some contacts on your computer and some on your i Phone, choose Merge all data.

One of the most important sets of information on your i Phone is your contacts.

Many users have been faced with an issue when trying to sync their i Phone contacts with their computers.

Be sure to have a backup of any contacts (export a v Card or file from your contact management program) you may have on your computer that you want to keep. Plug your i Phone into your computer and launch i Tunes.

i Tunes automatically creates a backup of your i Phone (including contacts). Once your i Phone is backed up, uncheck the "Automatically sync when this i Phone is connected" box. Under the "Info" tab, check which contacts you would like to sync. Click the "Sync" button in the bottom right corner of the i Tunes window. i Tunes will see that you are changing the contacts information for more than 5 percent of your data and ask if you would like to replace the data on the phone, replace the data on the computer, or merge all data.

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Follow the steps above and choose the Merge all data option.For more on how Mobile Me can help you stay synced check out: Mobile Me from Apple Note: This process is certainly not simple.If you do not feel comfortable performing this process on your own, make an appointment at the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store, or take your i Phone to an authorized Apple Care technician.If you have entered your contact information on your i Phone first (not on your computer) and would now like to retrieve those contacts for your computer, this post is for you.Please read the entire post before attempting: To Sync your i Phone contacts from your i Phone to your computer:1.

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