Updating cs server

By this you would enable SAP to better support you in case of an issue.*For Information Platform Service and depending Solutions (as Data Services and Information Stuart) a different process is in place, please refer to “Updating into Information Platform Services 4.2” The installation of the BI4.2 SP2 Update is no different from any previous patch, with the the only difference of an additional screen.If you are running a greenfield installation, you will have the normal installation screen requesting a license key during the install.

Customers whom are updating their Data Services or Information Steward deployment into a version that requires the Information platform services 4.2 will need to request a new license key by reporting an incident (support message) under compenent XX-SER-LIKEY-BOJ.SAP strongly recommend to record all of your SAP products as deployed accordingly.If you have multiple systems like Development, Test, Quality and Prod it would be recommended to record each system.Please refer to “Updating into Information Platform Services 4.2” Once the update installer is completed and showing the final screen it will provide the following post installation instruction: Note: the post installation instruction screen is dynamic and can contain multiple instructions.After finishing the update you need to update your license key within the Central Management Console.

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