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matrix engines Warp: modified Koeller UTI K27-II (standard warp drive), impulse: subatomic unified energy reaction Viper Class Design by Harm van Rijbroek Escort Vessel Unit Run: 3 commissioned 5 units in production Commissioned: 2373-present Length: 116 m Beam: 112 m Height: 42 m Decks: 14 (including weapons pod) Mass: 200,000 tons Crew Complement: 165 Weapons: 11x Type-X phaser array, total output 40,000 terawatts, 6x pulse fire quantum torpedo tubes 700 torpedoes Defence Systems: shield system, total capacity 2,000,000 terajoules, heavy duranium/tritanium hull 10cm high density armour, high level structural integrity field Speed: Warp 7 (normal cruise); Warp 9 (max. rated for 12 hours) Diplomatic Capability: Grade 2 Expected Hull Life: 30 years Refit Cycle: 7 months (minor), 1 year (std.), 15 years (major) Frankfurt Class and Halifax Class Design by Daniel Gerson No Specifications on File Edgar Allen Poe Class (U. emergency) Sublight Speed: 0.9c (max.) Armament: Heavy phaser cannon, different types of torpedo launchers, phaser arrays, pulse phaser cannons, an autotarget combat tower as well as space mines and an adaptive spatial space charge launchers Defense: Newly developed diametric shield grids and a graded form of the ablative armor Embarked Craft: Two Type 9, one Type 11 Peregrine Attack Fighter Design by Sean Larocque and Sarah Scott No Specifications on File Steamrunner Class - U.

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The log file is created only when a visitor has left a comment in the Guestbook.

Emoticon files are stored in the folder /img_emots . Emoticons can be added to and deleted from the folder as required If you want to limit the numbers of characters, you have that edit file guestbook/

Language files can be added as they become available.

Lazarus is a free guestbook script written in PHP that uses your My SQL database for storage and is based upon the excellent Advanced Guestbook script from Proxy2.

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