Tips for dating a coworker

In the early stages, do not spend too much time together until you are sure that this is the person you want to have a serious relationship with. Don’t date people that are either lower or higher than you on the food chain If you are in the management position, keep in mind that the requirements for you are much higher, and you may run into problems if you have an affair with someone from your subordinates.

While it’s totally fine to spend time together at the office or head to lunch together, it is important that you maintain other friendships too.

Not only is it a good way to make your co-workers uncomfortable, it is also a good way to get dating policies put in place ASAP!

Even something like a quick kiss or holding hands at the office should be off limits when you’re dating a co-worker.

It can even be a great place to get to know your future boyfriend or girlfriend, if you know how to handle things properly!

Romantic relationships may be accompanied by some difficulties, but if the subject of your love is a coworker, then everything can get even more complicated.

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