The rules of dating for women cheryl joe dating

A high value woman often operates by rules when it comes to dating, and there are some that a high value woman would never break under any circumstances.In this blog post, I will list the 10 rules that I believe you should live by if you want to be a high value woman and stand out in the dating even if you think he is making a mistake or you believe it is such a waste because you guys are perfect for each other, there is no point trying to talk through it and resonate in the hope of changing his mind, because men do not think logically about these things, it’s all about the way they feel, so when they walk away, they simply do not feel it.Check out my blog post on why a woman should never chase a man. Go for the one who truly likes you, not the one you like.

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A man really enjoys the process of chasing you ( as opposed to us women who get very anxious about it), wondering if you like him, if you have someone else in your life, not knowing much about you, wanting to impress you….There is always a good reason why he does not come to you…because most men, even the shy ones, find a way to make a contact with the woman they chose…The reason could be that he is already taken, or he just is not attracted to you enough to make a move.If you have been already on one date, or a few dates…the guy knows that you are interested to a certain degree.To keep the magic going, you need to stay intriguing by not revealing your intentions (if he asks if you are looking for a serious relationship, your answer should not be “yes I am looking to get married in the next year”, rather it should be “ well, it all depends on the person I meet” with a beautiful smile).

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