The dating channel sky tv

In the premiere episode, A Magical Mishap, ordinary teenager Kyra, touches a mysterious book and is transformed into a Tri-ling!In addition to acquiring amazing magical powers, Kyra discovers a secret world of magic all around her.The series follows twin genies-in-training, Shimmer and Shine, who grant wishes for their human friend Leah.

The Loud House is an animated series about the chaotic life of 11-year-old boy, Lincoln Loud growing up in a huge household of sisters.The Loud House follows Lincoln and his never ending schemes; whether he’s dealing with a problem or working out how to get something he wants, things inevitably alwaysgo wrong.Top Wing follows four young best friend birds - Swift, Penny, Rod and Brody - who are training to earn their wings at the Top Wing Academy on Big Swirl Island.Miguel Cotto got what he wanted, a super cool strong win vs Antonio Margarito.Margarito's right eye was targeted by Cotto as he hit it with such precision until it has no more sight.

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