Tessa virtue and scott moir dating jessica dube

“We were terrified to hold hands for quite a while,” Moir recently said. It lasted for eight months, until Moir broke up with Virtue on a phone call.

Exhibit A: two screenshots of them dancing as teens: That’s elite, oh-god-I-popped-a-boner-at-a-middle-school-dance-level hand placement, if I ever saw it. As he put it in a 2010 interview—in which the two also confessed to synchronizing their breathing—“We just left it on the sidelines.” The chemistry on display in Pyeongchang is perhaps better explained by a scene from the pair’s extremely enjoyable reality TV series, After their coach criticizes their lack of connection, the two call on French Canadian ballroom dancing champion Jean-Marc Généreux for help. I mean a filet mignon, and you really would like to have a bite,” says Généreux, as Moir caresses Virtue.

“THE CANADIANS ARE ICE FUCKING,” The salacious showcase launched a wave of speculation that the allegedly platonic pair was an item.After Virtue and Moir were asked about her injury on a Canadian radio show a year later, a fan who runs the Blogspot Dubemoir posited that the conversation was really about this secret pregnancy, and created a frame-by-frame analysis of Moir’s expressions to suggest he was lying. In another post from 2013, the same author doubles down on the theory: “Can’t they say the words—not ‘we’re not dating’ but ‘We’re not married’ and, more to the point ‘We’re not parents,’” the post reads. That would be just semantics.” (The name Dubemoir, by the way, comes from an old rumor that Moir was dating fellow Canadian skater Jessica Dubé.This is one of several intra-ice skating affairs VM fans have invented over the years. ) As far as conspiracy theories go, this one is extremely weak.The most notable part of this series to VM shippers is that, throughout the competition season, Moir never introduces his girlfriend, Cassandra, to Virtue.They’re serious enough to exchange “I love yous” over Skype, and for her to fly to Paris to watch him compete, yet she appears purposefully shielded from his close skating partner.

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