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In May 2010, Sophia started her sentimental relationships with Austin Nichols.

They had on and off relationship for quite a while and them at last separated in February 2012.

He still seems shaken up at the end of the episode, so how will this event impact him going forward?

Halstead will certainly carry the weight of accidentally shooting and killing this little girl.

We also see Voight getting emotional when talking with someone about Lindsay leaving Chicago. Voight is a complicated character who has a hard time opening up to friends and colleagues. The woman he meets with in the premiere is more of a surrogate therapist than a professional psychologist. Why, out of everyone in the unit, did you decide to have him be the one to accidentally shoot and kill a little girl?

From the start of the series, Halstead was set up as a white knight. We wanted to throw him into the vortex of reform and racial tension prevalent in Chicago right now.

From the mid-2013, she started dating an American Google official Dan Fredinburg.

In the wake of being locked in for about a year, they at long last tied their wedded bunch on sixteenth of April 2005 yet inside a couple of months they reported their division and they, at last, got separated in 2006. They were as one for about a year and they separated in 2009.

There was also some movement on the romantic front, when Burgess (Marina Squerciati) informed ex-fiance Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) that she was seeming someone new despite their kiss midway through season four.

New route and not made mention of her exit, so why did you think it was best to acknowledge her absence and in this way? We knew the unit would feel Lindsay’s absence in a meaningful way.

The tension between Voight and Denny Woods won’t be going away.

In fact, Woods may be Voight’s toughest opponent yet. He also has a personal vendetta against Voight, who tried to take him down last season.

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