Some informations about dating in mali

There are many commercial radio stations in addition to the national radio station, which broadcasts news bulletins, general information, and educational programs, as well as entertainment, cultural, and religious programs.

The number of radio receivers has increased dramatically, which has greatly facilitated communication with the more remote regions.

The Mande-speaking peoples living in present-day Mali (Bamana, Senufo and Dogon peoples) have inhabited this area since the days of the Mali Empire.

Today, Mande-speaking peoples live in almost all parts of West Africa, having migrated in search of trade or having been displaced by war or climatic conditions.

Architecture is well developed in the Niger valley, with building materials consisting of mud bricks, stones, and a little wood.Mali also has a ballet troupe that performs throughout the world.Traditional music from women of the southern area known as Amadou and Mariam), and Salif Keita, a descendant of Sundiata Keita, the founder of the Mali empire; their music combines elements of rock and roll with indigenous traditions.Their migrations are indicative of the mobility of African peoples in many parts of Africa.about ancient Mali were recorded by Arab travelers and scholars.

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