Social cam sex movie

What happens when our avatars take on lives of their own?

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There isn’t a lot to see backstage, just a mom (the great Melora Walters) who doesn’t know what her daughter is up to, and a younger brother who probably knows too much.

Her anonymous fans, typing away with one hand, talk at her from behind the safety of their computer screens.

Everything they say feels underwritten by the constant threat of changing the channel and seeing what one of the other cam girls is up to; Lola might have the control, but her viewers have the power.

These are well-trodden ideas that predate social media, but “Cam” lends them new life by making them hyper-literal.

Even when the story becomes tinged by the supernatural, the film remains grounded and mundane enough to avoid sinking into the stuff of finger-wagging parable — it avoids the “Black Mirror” effect by keeping things real, or at least real enough.

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