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They encompass a wide range of issues relevant to food consumption, and have important halachic ramifications.How much must one eat to recite a bracha acharona, the blessing after eating?This feed hosts Rabbi Orlofsky's shiurim on dating, marriage, and related topics, pulled directly from There's no set schedule, but expect updates every once in a while. Getting Rabbi Orlofsky's shiurim (Torah classes) is easier than ever!

In kollelim, the higher shiurim accommodate more advanced levels of learning.However, since the lecture hall was so crowded, his seat was behind the lectern, so he only saw Rabbi Meir from the back."Had I seen him from the front, how much greater would I have become! Traditionally, a shiur refers to the type of learning that takes place in yeshivot and kollelim, in which students hear an in-depth lecture on the sugya (Gemara topic) the yeshiva is studying at the time.Synagogue rabbis and noted rabbis in the community also give shiurim to their constituencies.In shuls, the shiur given between Mincha and Maariv is usually geared to baalebatim (working men).

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