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Après la dernière bataille, Shun ne parvient pas à se remettre.Sa conscience le torture et personne ne sait quoi faire pour l'aider.After getting the crests from Gepetto, we talk to Karin to get things moving again. We set out along the only path, but Karin soon stops in her tracks.

I'll tell you about how the graveyard emptied, how the nightmare once became blank stone and bone. Alice falls and hurts herself, but Yuri shows a side that she didn't expect from a Rude Hero.disclaimer: you have to play the game to understand what is really going on If you like it please leave a a comment and a Kudo. I am also open to feedback but please be constructive.(i am open to requests, let me know if you have any) "What he cannot handle is the dark fusion's lust.

To solve the puzzle, you simply need to pull the right lever, then the middle, then the left one. We also find a Hit Area Expand in the middle of the bridge as a reward.

From the left - pulling the first lever moves it and the right-most lever, pulling the second lever moves all three, and pulling the last lever moves it and the middle one.

As he walks across, Yuri starts staggering and eventually stops.

With everything picked up, we continue to the large open clearing near the exit.

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