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As Justine, an asexual woman, explains in the film, she didn’t have sexual feelings growing up but thought she just hadn’t met the right person.

“All through high school, I just never participated in the dating culture at all,” she says.

"It's something as resounding and perfect as if a woman does not expressly say 'yes,' everything else is 'no.' That's how her autonomy is preserved, [along with] her freedom [and] respect for her person and her sexuality," Calvo said, according to a July 10 statement that laid out the government's plans to introduce more "feminist" policies.

26, the day League issued a third apology, which mentioned plans for a new board of directors.

The last few weeks have found a whirlwind of accusations within the film community and beyond it, as countless women have been speaking out around the world about sexual harassment.

As these scandals continue to unfold in the public eye, institutions are struggling with finding the right words to acknowledge wrongdoings, ignorance and complicity as they chart paths forward.

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, directed by Melinda Friedman, shares the stories of several young men and women who don’t feel the desire to have sex.

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