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It is an act or a series of acts involving any unwelcome sexual advance, request or demand for a sexual favor, or other verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature, committed by a government employee or official in a work-related, training- or education- related environment. 7877, an “Act Declaring Sexual Harassment Unlawful in the Employment, Education or Training Environment, and for other purposes” was approved on February 14, 1995 and became effective on March 5, 1995, fifteen (15) days after its publication in the Malaya and Times Journal on February 18, 1995. at work or education- or training-related social functions; 4.

WHAT IS THE POLICY OF THE STATE ON SEXUAL HARASSMENT? It is known as “The Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995.” WHAT IS CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION (CSC) RESOLUTION NO. It is known as the Administrative Disciplinary Rules on Sexual Harassment Cases. 01-0940 TO PRIOR ISSUANCES OF THE CSC AND THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT? while on official business outside the office or school or training institution or during work or school or training-related travel; 5.

the submission to or rejection of the act or series of acts is used as basis for any employment decision (including but not limited to, matters related to hiring, promotion, raises in salary, job security, benefits and any other personnel action) affecting the applicant/employee; or 2.

the act or series of acts have the purpose or effect of interfering with the complainant’s work performance, or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment; or 3.

WHEN IS A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL/EMPLOYEE LIABLE FOR SEXUAL HARASSMENT? Verbal, such as but not limited to, requests or demands for sexual favors, and lurid remarks 3. Investigate sexual harassment complaints in accordance with the prescribed procedure; 3. With the disciplining authority of the office/ agency; or with the Committee on Decorum and Investigation.

A government official or employee, regardless of sex, is liable for sexual harassment when he/she: 1. Use of objects, pictures or graphics, letters or written notes with sexual underpinnings 4. WHAT ARE THE FUNCTIONS OF THE COMMITTEE ON DECORUM AND INVESTIGATION (CODI) IN SEXUAL HARASSMENT CASES? Submit a report of its findings with the corresponding recommendation to the disciplining authority for decision; and 4. Upon receipt of the complaint, the disciplining authority of the office/agency shall transmit the same to the CODI, if there is any. It must be in writing, signed and sworn to by the complainant, and contains the following: Full name and address of the complainant; Full name, address, and position of the respondent; A brief statement of the relevant facts; Residence, in support of the complaint, if any; and A certification of non-forum shopping.

The answer, which must be in writing and under oath, shall be specific and shall contain material facts and applicable laws, if any, including documentary evidence/s, sworn statements covering testimonies of witnesses, if any, in support of respondent's case.WHEN IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT COMMITTED IN THE EMPLOYMENT OR WORK-RELATED ENVIRONMENT?Work-related sexual harassment is committed when: 1.directly participates in the execution of any act of sexual harassment as defined by the Administrative Disciplinary Rules on Sexual Harassment Cases; 2. Lead in the conduct of discussions about sexual harassment within the agency or institution to increase understanding and prevent incidents of sexual harassment. In the absence of a CODI, the head of office/agency shall cause the creation of a CODI in accordance with the law and rules and transmit the complaint to said Committee. In the absence of any one of the aforementioned requirements, the complaint shall be dismissed without prejudice to its refilling. Are complaints sent thru telegram, radiogram, electronic mail or similar means considered as filed?induces or directs another or others to commit sexual harassment as defined by these Rules; 3. Yes, if the requirements provided in Section 12 (b) of Resolution No. In the absence of the said requirements, the complaint is considered non-filed.

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