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The hacker then sent her the images on Facebook to show off his hacking exploits.In 2014, a Danish man was charged with compromising computers and accessing webcams.He emailed these sensitive photos to her, demanding more revealing images and videos from her or he would make the photos public.Eventually Abrahams was arrested though and charged with carrying out hacking and extortion attempts on over a 100 women. The Blackshades malware has been a favorite tool for hackers.

Abrahams had used the infamous Blackshades malware, developed by now-incarcerated cybercriminal Alex Yucel, to take remote control of computers anywhere in the world.

The fact that social media blew up pointing out Zuckerberg’s taped up webcam proved that the practice is not as common as it should be.

Initially, it was just the most paranoid of us that was convinced someone was spying on them via a hacked webcam.

Zuckerberg probably has more reason to be paranoid than most people that someone would target him.

After all, some of his other social media profiles on Twitter and Pinterest were compromised.

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