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A casual dater would have just asked for your number and whether you wanted to grab a drink. Maybe you will hit it off, and maybe you won’t, or maybe you’ll hit it off platonically. Now, regarding your friends and their lack of boundary respecting: that is what they are like, that is not what everyone in the universe is like.Now, I didn’t meet this guy, wasn’t there to see the possible sparks flying over the marine toilet you were negotiating, so I can’t really judge how you should feel about him and his letters of DEEPLY UNCASUAL DATING (which it’s possible that he sends to every likely sailing lady he meets. Sure, it’s possible that you’re not expressing your boundaries effectively (I don’t know, ’cause I wasn’t there), but there’s nothing like practice for getting better at something.With dating fraud, often the con artist develops a relationship with their victim through an online dating site.Our Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton Private Investigators suggest that you the victim, never send money or financial information.From a personally objective stance, he’s amazingly appealing.We just met briefly, but I remember him as being tall and handsome, and I definitely tried to get his facebook (he doesn’t have one).Although don't fret if you're not a Captain or a maritime professional, because any lonely soul who simply yearns for the cool ocean breeze can now sign up for a free Sea Captain Date account - No Captain's License required!

We look forward to welcoming you on board and maybe one day hearing some of your stories. He's a whiz at computer stuff and handles the day-to-day operation of the website for me.

The only love you’re imagining will put you in irons. He just sent you a letter (or three) after meeting you once. Although, everyone is different, even sailors, so your guy could be legit into you and only you.). Go on a real date where you wear pretty clothes and you both agree that it is a date.

What I’m trying to tell you is that love can be any wind. He compared you favorably and romantically to nautical touchpoints. This isn’t competition with your boat, any more than sleeping, eating, occasionally watching a movie, or talking to your friends is competition with your boat.

At Sea Captain Date, we specialize in helping lonely Sea Captains like you find their match.

Tired of embarking upon endless voyages on unseaworthy mainstream dating sites which seem to only ever end in disappointment?

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