Scottish cam chatrooms

In 2007, Kevin Whitrick, 42, also hanged himself after being goaded by trolls.

Mr Whitrick, from Telford, Shrops, live streamed his death to users who "egged him on, telling him to get on with it".

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: "He was a tortured soul. A spokeswoman said: “There are no suspicious circumstances.

Next of kin have been informed and enquiries are continuing.” A previous chatroom on Paltalk - called the Apple Inc Insults - garnered attention at the end of last year after a man killed himself after getting abused on there.

Horrified neighbours now believe the tragedy could be linked to a mystery man who called at the flat before his death.

The pair were heard arguing in the street at around 4am - three hours before police broke into Mr Jenkins' home.

On Christmas Day in 2017 plasterer Gregory Tomkins tragically took his own life on the website.

Mr Tomkins, 39, who lived in a flat in Wallington, South London, was eventually found dead by officers at 3.36am - hours after logging on and hanging himself with 30 seconds of joining the chatroom.

"We have closed the chatroom, and will apply other corrective measures, including terminating the accounts of individuals who violated our terms of service." Eve Critchley, Head of Digital at Mind, said: “Social media can be used in a positive way and can play a really useful role in a person’s wider support network, but it can also pose risks.

It encourages users to insult each other as much as they can but some in the group with Gregory have said the chatroom "was not for him".

One calling themselves Putin wrote online: "Gregory Tomkins was a funny man, he did a lot of funny stuff in the chat room but he also got upset a lot and would do silly things on his cam as well.

Anthony Farr, 33, who lives in the downstairs flat, said: “He was always on Paltalk - he showed me the site last year.

“People go on it for banter but it turns into abuse and can get very nasty.

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