Sam earle melinda shankar dating

For me the line between us (fans) and them (the cast) is blurred beyond comfort.

So going above and beyond to find out things about their personal lives that isn’t in plain sight is beyond out of bounds.

I’ve been blogging about Degrassi for years…it’s always been my job to search out Degrassi info so I can’t really expect to stay in the dark about things.

But even before Degrassi’s twitterverse was created, I felt there was still a pretty high level of mystique surrounding Degrassi and those involved with it. The cast loves it too, but sometimes I feel bad for them, with them at times being inundated with such inane things.

To be very honest, I don’t have much interest in what they’re doing when they’re not on set.

Part of that is because I’m old school in my way of thinking…once they leave that set, their life is their business.

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