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Some vendors actually organize the speed of their kratom on their site, which can help if you're unsure.It's a smart idea to plan out your kratom rotation.If you don't, kratom will create subtle or non-existent effects which will lead to needing larger and larger doses overtime.If you would rather stick to the basics for now, check out my Beginner's Guide or How To Take Kratom.

To rotate your activity log, click the "Rotate Activity Logs" button under the "Options" tab.

The fact that it's capable to maintain a low tolerance with kratom is what makes it great.

Even if the worse case scenario happens where you build up a high tolerance, washouts are an efficient option that doesn't take long.

Below are 3 necessary rules to follow to make sure your body doesn't easily adapt.

- Rotate 7 Different Strains - If you're on a budget or only want to dose kratom once or less per day, then 5 strains can work.

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