Rob and kristen officially dating 2016

With the immense success they saw from starring in the Twilight saga movies, millions and millions of fans all over the world were scrutinizing their every move since before they even got together.

Kristen confirmed that she and Rob were dating in 2012.

It looks like the Kardashians are making it pretty clear that they are not supporting Rob’s engagement.

Or maybe they have no idea he is engaged – and Rob decided it would be the perfect time to propose because his meddling sisters (who despise Chyna) weren’t there to give him a hard time or try to stop him.

” TMZ is reporting, “Rob Kardashian popped the question Monday night, and they’re engaged to be married.” The site goes on to reveal, “Blac Chyna was sporting a massive diamond ring as she and Rob went out last night to celebrate.” Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo was in town for the festivities, and she reportedly went out to celebrate her daughter’s engagement with her and Rob at the Ace of Diamonds strip club.

Not surprising, none of Rob’s family was on deck – they actually all jetted out of town yesterday (right before Rob proposed) for an impromptu family vacation.

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