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Once I send the info, I call the bank to suspend the card. Mingle" Tech support is non existent, members only get a certain "ration" of emails per day.

Suddenly, the second email talking about suspicious activity and needing verifcation...that one. Waiting to hear from a real person as I also filled out the contact form. Oh, but "smiles" are free, but those are used by non paying members to lure them into joining when they get a response and find out that CANT respond unless they pay. Nobody can communicate with rationed emails and smiles from people that don't pay.

Am I the only one who thus happened to, but before I joined I was getting lots of smiles and messages which I couldn't read. Lo and behold when I joined and paid there were no messages and no smiles. I have received a couple guys messaging me and one smile. I have seen a couple profiles of same people, but they could be like me, just tried a couple different sites.

I had high hopes, my sister found her bf on here and is very happy. Also, I keep getting people viewing me from other parts of the country. If anyone else noticed not receiving messages or smiles, not even showing up from the ones they said you had, please let me know. Locked out of my account as someone supposedly changed my email. Respond to the email and they send a second one demanding specific information to ensure I am the true account holder. It has NOTHING to with Christianity and may have well be called "The Devil Takes Over..

The quality of the website has gone down drastically that if I had to subscribe even for a discount, I would not!They need to say "join for free and then be able to do absolutely NOTHING until you pay for our BS awful site. You may as well go on a site that is free such as POF.I have tried to contact them by phone and no one from CS has responded.I do get another email stating my account has been reviewed and "credit card" does not match my method of payment, to please verify. I normally would get at least 20 responses per day, but on this BS site I maybe get one per day,.Oh but tons of smiles from members I can't even talk to because of the "join for free" lure.

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