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Writing and directing music pieces for the Orchestre d’Harmonie d’Amboise in 2017 : Meetings with the students, discovering and listening to a rich Jazz repertoire, working on the interpretation of the pieces, concert.

Maracuja worked once again on a Pedagogical & symphonic project with the Argenteuil Conservatory (Val d’Oise).

Finally, Veston Léger currently works on the realisation of pedagogical actions in region , developing different formats : Discovering workshops in primary schools (listening, introduction to music, discovery of instruments), writing pieces for orchestras and small ensembles with Music schools, music performances for children, cinema screening with live music…

Rural concert in Cangey (Indre-et-Loire) in November 2017 : Organisation of an event in the village hall (renting sonorisation equipment, communication around the event in the region, sale of local products…), with a concert by the hip-hop funk band 112 Brass Band and a meeting with the public at the end of the show.

Pedagogical & symphonic project in Herblay & Eaubonne (Val d’Oise) with the band Maracuja in 2015 : Writing pieces for orchestra and choir around Brazilian music, workshops to discover the music and work with the students, working on percussions and concert.

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