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Rhaegar Targaryen, son of Aerys II Targaryen, a.k.a. Lord Tywin was Aerys’s Hand for 20 years and angled for Rhaegar and Cersei to wed.

For reasons somewhat unclear, King Aerys turned Tywin down.

Well, since midway through Season 3, not nearly often enough. Gendry: Speaking of Gendry: How alarmed should we be that the last time we saw Robert’s pepper-haired bastard, in the Season 3 finale, he was rowing away from Dragonstone on Davos’s orders, casually admitting that he’d never been in a boat before? Arya and Nymeria are lone wolves now, but wouldn’t they be stronger together than they are apart? ” “They’ll burn you alive.” “Ouch.” “Yeah.” “I was kind of hoping it wouldn’t be fire.” “It’s fire. ” “They’re pretty set on fire.” “Maybe they just haven’t considered other options?

(Despite, you know, having been in a boat with Melisandre mere episodes prior? Nymeria managed to make the most of her two episodes of Season 1 screen time, mauling Joffrey’s arm before Arya banished her for her own protection; surely she could take some bites out of the other pesky posers on Arya’s list? It’s his thing.” “If I’m killed at all, I would very much like it to be less painful than that. I could eat a giant feast until my heart stops or stomach explodes.

But it’s not like the Targaryens were paragons of peace.

Mad King Aerys had people burned alive without a trial and Robert’s Rebellion was in no small part a result of Aerys’s brutality.

As Hagrid might say: How often do you come across an immortal lord, a loaded priest, and a horny archer, even if you’re in the trade?) Surely Gendry didn’t survive countless bowls of brown, a stint in Stannis’s dungeons, and a leech to the longsword just to perish on the open seas? Also worth trying to remember: Rickon, Osha, and Shaggydog; Illyrio Mopatis; Benjen Stark; Balon Greyjoy; Syrio Forel; Myrcella Baratheon; Pyat Pree; Ilyn Payne; and, of course, Drogon. Borderline Weird Mallory Rubin ] “So here we are.” “Here we are.” “So.” “So.” “You know what Stannis wants? It would be quite a spectacle for the lookie-loos.” “Come on now.” “Drowning?” “He wants me to bend the knee.” “How are you feeling about that? But if I bend the knee for a southern king, that’s not going to be a great look for me? I’m the No-Kneel King; it was my campaign slogan.” “Still. ” “Opposite direction of what they’re thinking.” “This is a tough one.” “Super tough, Mancey.” “OK, I wasn’t going to suggest this except as a last resort. 27, for the complete list of player pairings in Friday's morning session. 27, for the complete list of player pairings in Friday's morning session. Friday afternoon pairings will be available after the morning session. Friday morning matches will tee off at am, am, am, and am.

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