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To increase our effectiveness we need to complement our security solutions with our shared knowledge, our shared experience in this fight.Hopefully, there are many teams out there that do their best to identify the attacks and pinpoint the attackers. Blocklists of IPs (for use in firewalls), domains & URLs (for use in proxies), etc. Using IP blocklists at the internet side of your firewall is a key component of internet security.To get an idea, check for example the XRumer software.This thing mimics human behavior to post ads, it creates email accounts, responds to emails it receives, bypasses captchas, it goes gently to stay unnoticed, etc.If you blacklist traffic using these lists you may end up blocking your users, your customers, even yourself (! Of course, I haven't included them for you to use the open proxies.The port the proxy is listening, or the type of proxy, are not included (although most of them use the standard proxy ports and do serve web requests).

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We will no longer run after each request in order to find an email address that works.

I know how to apply updates using yum update command line, but I would like to use cron to update packages where appropriate manually.

How do I configure yum to install software patches/updates automatically with cron? It provides files needed to run yum updates as a cron job.

Please don't fetch the lists more than once a day - there is simply no benefit in this. Shalla's Blacklists are free of charge for personal and partly for commercial usage.

Anyway, commercial usage requires signing a usage contract. Please contact for information about gaining this contract. We are of the opinion that if free blacklists are used commercially the community who contributed to the lists for free should get something back: corrections and addons. ;-) Two notes: 1.) We experience an increasing number of requests for licences and information from email address that bounce our answers.

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