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They do not want hookups; instead, they aspire to what an earlier generation would have called courtship.

How hospitable a campus is Princeton to these students?

Moreover, the University’s Health Center and Residential Advising programs provide assistance on questions of body-image and eating disorders, binge drinking and alcohol abuse, and sexual health and sexual harassment.

But even the sexual-health programs offer no real support for students who desire to live chastely.

They are not directed to supporting students who seek to live by high standards of sexual morality and self-discipline.

To acknowledge such standards is, some people evidently fear, to cast a negative judgment on those who do not believe in them or seek to live by them.

Many of them feel deeply ambivalent about these aspects of campus social life.

If the University is truly to be fair to all students, we must not continue to neglect these students’ needs. The first thing to do is to recognize that we have a problem.

It is not a result of bad will on anyone’s part, but we are failing adequately to support a segment of our student population.

We ourselves would be the first in line to make contributions to it.

It is true that a pro-chastity student society exists, but it is plainly not enough.

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