Prevent java from updating Free cam serbija

Using the same SQL statement is beneficial when using JDBC statement caching.However, if the database table is heavily indexed, we don’t want to update certain index entries that have not been modified, as explained by Markus Winand.The summary is that hold at apt-get / aptitude level is not triggering hold status in dpkg (see bug 72806 especially) and update-manager reads status from dpkg.workaround is run as root: This is a one time only use of (not stored for future reinstalls), keep specific override, to reinstall all packages in your system but not oracle-java8-jre.

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I have checked the box to never check for updates, Mozilla updated anyway.

I deleted everything I could find on my computer Mozilla related, re-installed version 51, checked the box to not update and checked daily to make sure that there were no pending updates.

I'm pretty close to just writing a vb script to just delete everything Mozilla off my computer and re-install v51 it everyday at midnight so I can just not have to deal with it anymore, but I figured I'd ask for help here first.

If I can't get help here, I'll probably just go under my desk and cry while eating glue and rocking back and forth until they either fire me or have me committed.

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