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If you had a particularly steamy sex session, you can rehash all of the details together over text. “Remember when I was just sitting in your living room and you came in and gave me that little smile?” If your partner doesn’t respond right away, keep going.You can ask them to guess the specific underwear you’re wearing or the color.If they guess correctly, send them a picture of you wearing the item.“And then remember when I told you to come over and sit next to me?” If you’re still not getting a bite, ask, “what happened next?

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This is a great game to play after you and your partner have just ended a recent visit.

Once you’re gone, text your partner that you left something special for them to find.

You can give your partner clues if you feel nice, or let them figure it out on their own.

Do you have any ideas for sexting games we could play, plus ways to get him to respond?

I don’t want to get left hanging and feel embarrassed! It can be really hard to keep the fires burning in a long-distance relationship, so I commend you and your partner for making an active effort to stay connected.

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