Peer guardian not updating

That is because Peer Guardian is the predecessor to the now known Peer Block software.Even though both programs are pretty much the same, but as expected, Peer Block is a much more refined version.Since many spam advertisers can simply change their IP addresses and still communicate with your computer.In fact, any one on the internet can change their IP in a matter of seconds.Peer Guardian supports features like multiple list of Blocked IPs, list editing and automatic program updates.Peerblock also has these features and adds additional features on top of them, like double-checking blocked IPs and list optimization.Like we mentioned earlier, Peer Block doesn’t seem to offer protection even near to what it claims.The two known problems are with the way it blocks IPs.

In this blog, we are going to look at some of the best Peer Block alternatives 2018.Users can create their custom list of “harmful or bad” IPs, like for instance, those associated with an ad bot or spyware servers.Doing so, IPs in your block list are restricted from communicating with your computer.Well not necessarily, if you use Peer Block for torrenting then your downloads are going to suffer.Since torrent, files are downloaded through other peers having varying IP addresses.

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