Outlook is not updating

To determine whether Outlook add-ins caused the meeting response to be processed, disable Outlook add-ins temporarily, and then try to reproduce the problem.

Send/Receive has no effect.- 25 out of ~150 users experience this issue, from multiple remote sites, no one at HQ is affected.- Issue is sporadic, it may happen 3 times in 2 days and then no issue for a week.

Solution 5– As we have already discussed that due to the cached data, the offline and online data may mismatch, so to overcome with this issue it is advisable that you disable this option from the settings as below: By performing these methods, you can solve the update issue.

As you can see that how important OST is when it comes to this issue, so if none of these methods work, then you can try to repair OST with Kernel for OST recovery tool , which is an outstanding solution to every problem related with your OST.

If the behavior does not occur, additional investigation of the mobile device may be necessary.

You can also investigate the cause of the behavior by using MFCMapi to review the calendar item.

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