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This is followed by bathing of bride and groom by holy water.

Jairagodo Anukolo: During this ceremony, a holy flame is lit either in form of an oil or ghee lamp or in the form of a havan.

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Marriages can take place at daytime in case of Brahmins while it is observed at night in non-Brahmins.

Sindoor Daan: The bride and groom watch for the pole star.

Upon sighting, the groom applies vermillion powder to the bride's hair parting and slips on conch shell bangles on her hands. Post-Wedding Rituals Kaduri Khela: After the wedding rituals, the couple play traditional games with small, white, shiny shells called kaduri. Sasu Dahi-Pakhala Khia: The groom sits on the lap of his mother-in-law as she feeds him Pakhala or cooked rice soaked in water with curd along with Baigan poda (mashed grilled eggplants with spices).

Lajahoma: This ritual is to please the god of fire so that the couple may receive his blessings.

The Khai or Laja, (a type of pupped rice) is provided to the bride by her brother, which is then offered to sacred fire.

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