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Professor Colleen Chien (Santa Clara) has written an interesting new article on the importance of amicus briefs in patent cases.

Her article is titled Patent Amicus Briefs: What the Courts’ Friends Can Teach Us About the Patent System and is available online at SSRN.

For the open source community, it’s worth noting with pride that a substantial portion of the prior art used in the case was identified by community members.

Groklaw helped rally support, and drew many prior art contributions.

The Open Invention Network’s Linux Defenders program posted the patents on its Post-Issue Peer to Patent page, and drew numerous useful contributions as well.

I guess there’s no patent yet on not helping at all.He is one of nearly 200,000 Indian farmers, many of them cotton growers, to commit suicide since 1997.In fact, suicide among farmers in India has become so prevalent that officials in New Delhi keep a tally.System and method for creating and presenting modal dialog boxes in server-side component Web applications, patent No.7,721,225, invented by Daniel Montroy of Sandy, Micah Gorrell of Spanish Fork, and Matthew Sorensen of Lehi, assigned to Novell, Inc. • New i Phone Patents Extend Apple’s Control Over Apps, Potentially Squeezing Out Many Developers [Apple uses patents against GNU/Linux] • Apple Looking Into Location-Temporary Apps • German court ruling, upholding Siemens patent, as text [see yesterday's analysis about Siemens] • German Supreme Court on Patents on Computer-Implemented Inventions Today the German Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof, BGH) has published the full reasons of the decision in re Xa ZB 20/08 dated April 22, 2010.

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