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So perhaps I am easing up on myself a bit and realising that I’m only human and not such a terrible one at that.

I feel the ‘lazy’, ‘bored’ period has now, at long last, started drifting away and a better me, still the same me, still the puffing me, is emerging.

He attacked the back door and fitted the flap and we chatted about life and as I had just been to the GP’s with my hand problem, I told Colin that my hands were freezing all the time.

He told me that he had the opposite thing, that he had two hot spots on the palms of his hands and he approached me to place them on my face – it was true, they were burning!

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Tagged: A A Milne, Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale, Excitement, Faith, Hair the movie, I am 2, I've got Life, Opportunity, Weed. Perhaps it has become a misnomer, as, frankly, I’m not as lazy as I once thought I was. Yes, I make errors but so does everyone else and they don’t even have an excuse!

However, there was one small blip when she barked and snapped at a child and Ms Pieterson’s disguise was blown.

‘Oh dear, My friend TJ’s mum is a fantastic knitter. They are the warmest fingerless gloves I have ever had (and I’ve had quite a few) and on my walk tonight I appreciated the fact that for the first time ever not even my fingertips were cold.

very inspiring blog award " data-medium-file=" w=270" data-large-file=" w=270" class="size-full wp-image-1705 " alt="very inspiring blog award" src=" Of course I have the time and energy to follow that rule! It’s the only cool thing I can think of about having dual citizenship. I can’t even drive near a Burger King without wanting to barf a little in my mouth (their grease has a distinct smell to me). FAVORITE FUN THINGS TO DO Drinking, partying, shopping, good conversation, laughing, sex, meeting new people, a great beauty salon experience, talking smack.

On Monday she mentioned on Facebook that she was knitting herself some gloves and I commented that I would like her to make me some ‘black, soft, fingerless’ ones. As I have a habit of losing gloves, she said that she’ll make me some more and is also going to make ones just like the ones I lost the other week.

In return I have sent her some welly socks so that she can keep warm when she walks her dogs on the beach this winter; hope she likes them.

As I was walking into Waitrose this evening, I bumped into my neighbour, Lini.

She told me that she would love to come out for a walk with me some time but unfortunately her sister, Sal, has been ill – she went on to say that she loves my blog – which is a real compliment seeing as she is a writer and generally pursues creative endeavours – and as I basked in her compliments, I completely over-looked the fact that she said her sister’s been sick, so I just wanted to say that I wish Sal better and my apologies for my self centred disregard x When we go to the shops, Ms Pietersons becomes Mc Gee – Mc Gee is a seeing/hearing dog in training and she is ever so kind, she helps the aged and sick children and she has permission to go wherever she likes.

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