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However, in most groups, the of species and morphospecies.

Our taxonomic backbone is based on the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), which is being further attached with flexible system of morphological and ecological parameters, pictures and literature.

This is especially true for tropical regions, where species are numerous and at the same time biological diversity remains undescribed.

Ecological roles of species to an extent can be inferred from their morphology, allowing to extrapolate existing knowledge to unexplored regions and taxa.

Our next steps are to include our projects in Europe and Ecuador.

Species are the main actors in environmental science and conservation politics.

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Initially, database was used for soil mites (Oribatida) from Jambi province, Indonesia.Ecotaxonomy aims to integrate ecological research to global online repositories in real time.As a publicly available output, we provide a pictorial catalogue and interactive identification keys for certain taxa.As an output we are compiling publicly available catalogue on our web site.In collaboration with specialists worldwide we use the data on morphological identification characters to develop easy-in- use pictorial identification keys for different taxa.

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