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Kazakhstan’s highest point, Mount Khan-Tengri (Tien Shan range on the border between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and China, contrasts with the flat or rolling terrain of most of the republic.

The western and southwestern parts of the republic are dominated by the low-lying The torrent of the Irtysh River pours some 988 billion cubic feet (28 billion cubic metres) of water annually into the vast West Siberian catchment area.

Between its most distant points, Kazakhstan measures about 1,820 miles (2,930 kilometres) east to west and 960 miles north to south. Kazakhstan’s great mineral resources and arable lands have long aroused the envy of outsiders, and the resulting exploitation has generated environmental and political problems.

While Kazakhstan was not considered by authorities in the former Nursultan (formerly Astana, Aqmola, and Tselinograd), in the north-central part of the country. The forced settlement of the nomadic Kazakhs in the Soviet period, combined with large-scale Slavic in-migration, strikingly altered the Kazakh way of life and led to considerable settlement and urbanization in Kazakhstan.

Through its proprietary technology, Exilva, Borregaard is now able to provide high quality Microfibrillar / Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC), from its production plant in Sarpsborg, Norway.

In a season 2006-2007 senior it graduates of 1988-89 year of birth made a youth team "Tulpar".

In the next season 2004-2005 collective takes the second place in the VII Championship of Kazakhstan and comes through to the semifinal the Cup of Kazakhstan.

Also in this season the team participated in the first International tournament "Tulpar Cup" and became his owner.

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KMF is a microfinance organization operating in Kazakhstan with portfolio consisting of 220 567 active clients.

KMF provides microfinance services for micro, small and agro business across coutry, including rural areas.

After disbandment of the main Tulpar team, the main attention of the management of club, in the professional plan, was given to the younger team "Tulpar — 2".

In a season 2003-2004 "Tulpar" wins silver again and for the first time in the history of club becomes the cup winner of Kazakhstan.

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