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We arrive home and my mother said we could order some movies tonight and stay up watching them.I told her I was sleepy and wanted to get some rest.Seeing my mother and Jason made me realize what has been missing in my life.I said before I have no problem finding a man but the thing was I haven't been looking either. He had one hand on the steering wheel and the his other arm around my mother.Jason was a successful accountant my mother told me. When she spoke of Jason you would think they were teenagers still courting and not a married couple in their 40's.The day pass on and Jason took all three of us to a Chinese Restaurant.I thought about the things Jessica told me and seen what has happen to my mother. Is my mother having the same experience Jessica was having?

I never would have guess my mother was a spectacular cock sucker.

She waited till Jason was outside and ask me "So what do you think? All I could muster was a "He seems nice." My mother lick her lips. I never heard my mother speak or act in the fashion I she is today. It's just that Jason has brought out a side of me I never knew was there." My mother's answer had me thinking. Reading her emails I could tell that she was enjoying being expose to a brand new world. Jessica's emails told me how she was falling in love with Tyrone.

"Oh he is more than nice." My mother said that in a sneaky way. How he made her happy and she even told me about the sex. How her nights were full of screaming, moaning, pillow biting and sex so good her pussy could still feel him after he was done.

Let me first start off with by telling a little about myself.

I am a freshman at the University of Texas and studying to be a nurse. I don't have a problem finding a man but I been so busy. I decided to live with my father because I wanted to remain around my friends in high school. She greets me with a big hug and even bigger kiss on my cheek. "Yea, Jason and I have been busy getting this place just the way we like it." She said to me.

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